How To Obtain Your Computer's Host ID

To obtain the Host ID of a computer, follow these steps:

Complete these steps on the computer(s) that will be serving the licenses (floating licenses) or the computer(s) on which the software will be exclusively used on (node locked license(s)).

Step 1: Open a command (DOS) window

How to do this:
On Windows 10: Press the Windows key on your keyboard, type cmd and press Enter.
On Windows 7: Go to Start, and in the search field type: cmd and press Enter.
On Windows XP: Go to Start, then Run and type: cmd and press Enter.

Step 2: Copy this command here: ipconfig/all >myhostid.txt  and paste it in the command window by simply right-clicking in the command window. Alternatively, type it in manually. Note that myhostid can be any text you chose.

This option does not show you any information in the command window but creates a myhostid.txt file in the indicated folder.

Open File Explorer at this location to find the file you just created (myhostid.txt) by typing in: start .

Send the file to your SIMTEQ Engineering contact - he/she will pick the correct number from the file for you and arrange for your license.

That's it!

But since you are now curious, the correct Host ID that we will use is shown in this image:

Note that for node locked licenses,  the Ethernet host ID should be first in the list and if not, follow the steps on this page to move it to be first.

Knowledge is power!

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Don't ever risk your career by using cracked software!

I only used it for my studies, I only wanted to evaluate the software, I didn't use if for commercial purposes, I only installed it, but never used it... Unfortunately, no reason holds up in court for the possession of stolen goods.

The full commercial purchase price of the software (for everything you had access to, whether or not it was even used!) 

Students (under- or post-graduate) also has no recourse since they can get access to free legal student versions, or the full commercial versions through their respective universities.
If you wish to evaluate any software or module that you do not have access to, please contact us, we will gladly arrange for evaluation licenses, even emergency licenses. 

There is just no reason to access illegal software.
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