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May 21, 2020 from to  | Host: Neil Bishop


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If you are an MSC ONE user you might have noticed that the family of software products have grown steadily over the past few years. This is an ongoing process and we are pleased to announce that   CAEfatigue will be joining the MSC ONE family of software products early next month.

CAEfatigue is a well-known software package in the world of fatigue and is seen as the industry leader in the field of vibration-based fatigue. What about the time domain? CAEfatigue has an equally strong offering in that space as well.

We invite you to come and joint us to get an overview of the software and the industries where it is currently being used  as well as demonstration of the software in action.

Discussed Topics

  • What is CAEfatigue?
  • Where do we compete?
  • Which industries do we serve?
  • Our customers
  • Where do we fit into the MSC/Hexagon picture?
  • Where are we now and what is coming next?
  • Live Demonstration
  • Questions & Answers


Neil Bishop

Managing Director CAEfatigue

Stuart Kerr

CAEfatigue Technical Account Manager


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