Online Payments

6 Day Course

Online attendance

In-Person attendance*

Students & Lecturers
R 2,525.40 incl VAT
* Quantity
R 2,525.40 incl VAT
* Quantity
Company Employees
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R 18,940.5 pp incl VAT
* Quantity
R 25,254.00 pp incl VAT
* Quantity
5+ Company Employees
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* In-Person attendees receive hardcopy training notes, notepad, pen and daily lunches and refreshments.


For your own safety:
Know your supplier's web address!
Fraudsters can easily lure you onto an identical looking site, with the domain name spelled slightly different or using a .com site instead of or similar.
SIMTEQ use the same web domain as in our email addresses. Always check that this is the same!
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