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Hexagon - MSC Software announced a Work from Home assistance program for their customers using the MSC suite of products and SIMTEQ is your first point of contact in this regard.Hexagon announced that even if your MSC contract prohibits it, that you now may use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to your office network to access your software licenses.

SIMTEQ can help you in this regard since we offer solutions for both corporate clients and students.

Already using a VPN or it is too slow?
There is one important setting that has to be OFF when using a VPN, to avoid routing your local internet data usage also through your VPN connection: The option "Use default gateway on remote network" means that all your browser traffic, emails etc will route through the VPN connection and use the remote network for access to in the internet. When only pulling an MSC license or copying the occasional file from the work network, you don't want this setting on.

Not sure if you have a VPN?
If you log on to a Domain at work (e.g. SIMTEQ\Paul), then your company already have all the infrastructure in place to setup a VPN which can provide you access to your work network. Ask your IT manager or Contact us for assistance to setup a VPN.

If you do not use a domain at work
There is no simple way to setup a VPN if you do not have a network server machine setup at work.
Please Note: Online VPN services do NOT provide you what is required to connect to your office network remotely!
Microsoft offers a 6 month free trial period for Windows Server (which you require to setup a VPN). Contact us if you need any assistance in setting it up.

Token usage monitor
SIMTEQ developed a simple token usage monitor for client computers which will be especially handy when you work remotely and don't know who is using tokens that you may need. If you need this now, feel free to contact us for a copy and the download link.

Absolute no access to the office network?
Hexagon is busy rolling out a solution for our customers who can't get any access to their office network (but do have access to the internet). At this stage it is only being provided on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us to assist.

Students and Lecturers
MSC offers un-tethered free student versions of their most famous software products that students can use without a license from home:

All you need is a valid student or personnel card of which you need to upload an image during the registration process above. For bulk registrations and to speed up the registration process, please contact us for assistance. Need assistance in setting up online training material? We can help. Contact us.

Classroom training
All classroom training has been suspended until further notice at SIMTEQ Engineering. Visit our training page for any updates.

Hexagon MSC Software just announced this week that you can now access their E-Learning courses for free, for a limited time. You can register for your free access to the E-Learning from this page:

Validity is until 30th June 2020 for the time being and customers will have access to 100% of the online training material.

You can also visit our website for self-help getting started material and other online learning solutions, as well a soon to be made announcement from Hexagon about their eLearning offering.


Knowledge is power!

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Don't ever risk your career by using cracked software!

I only used it for my studies, I only wanted to evaluate the software, I didn't use if for commercial purposes, I only installed it, but never used it... Unfortunately, no reason holds up in court for the possession of stolen goods.

The full commercial purchase price of the software (for everything you had access to, whether or not it was even used!) 

Students (under- or post-graduate) also has no recourse since they can get access to free legal student versions, or the full commercial versions through their respective universities.
If you wish to evaluate any software or module that you do not have access to, please contact us, we will gladly arrange for evaluation licenses, even emergency licenses. 

There is just no reason to access illegal software.
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