Common first steps in troubleshooting license issues

  1. Ensure the active license is installed on the correct machine

How to determine on which computer the license has to be installed

or in some cases, as below, the host ID will be in the feature line:

Step 2: Follow the procedure to obtain your Computer MAC Address (or Host ID) and check that these two addresses are identical.

  1. If you find that a computer, that is pointing to a network based license server, cannot find a license, here are some checks you can perform:
    1. Ensure that the license has not expired: In the license file you will see two dates for each feature: The first date indicates when maintenance expires after which new versions of software will not run. The second date indicates when the license expires for older versions of the software (issued before the first date).
    2. Check your network connection to the license server: On the client computer, open Start and type cmd. In the command window, type ping and the license server computer name and press enter. Use this to confirm a working network connection. If there is no connection, also type ping and the IP address of the license server computer. If none of these two ping options provide a valid response, there is a network error which has to be resolved by your IT department (also check for loose network cables and that the server computer is switched on.
    3. Ensure that the environment variable is set correctly:
      • Check the spelling of the environment variable's name
      • Check that the port specified in the value is the same as that given in the license file as shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8.
      • Check the spelling of the computer name in the variable's value.
    4. Check that the correct license is active: On the license server computer, open FlexLM (lmtools) and under Config services check the Path to License File, as well as the license file name. Ensure this is the correct new license.
    5. Stop and re-start the lisense server: Under the "Server Status" tab, stop and restart the license server.
    6. Chekc the log file for errors: Under the "Config Services" tab, click the "View Log.." button and check the last entries in the log file (this file can also be accessed with a text editor in the set location). Check for any error messages that might indicate what the problem is.
    7. Ensure that the date and time-zone of the computer running the license server and the computer pointing to that license server match, as this could cause errors in reading the license file correctly.
  2. To check whether all of the licenses are already in use (from the client computer), you are required to have FlexLM installed on your computer as well (Follow the same steps as in Configuring the license server (for the first time) but without supplying a license file). Open start and type cmd to open the command window.
    • type cd and the path to where FlexLM in installed on your computer..
    • Once the path is changed, type lmutil lmstat -c "license port @ computer" -A where the license port and computer name is the same as the environment variable for that license. An example of this is in Figure 10.
Figure 10: Checking license usage
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