Training at SIMTEQ is Effective

Published 2014-02-10

Training at SIMTEQ is effective for a number of reasons:

  • We love technology and we love to get our clients efficient using it.
  • Our training facilitators know their products and subjects extremely well.
  • Our training facilitators also support clients after training on a daily basis and know which topics need more attention or elaboration to ensure proper understanding.
  • Training at SIMTEQ is not a one direction lecture. Interaction is extremely important to asses understanding. We have invested in numerous Train-The-Trainer courses for our training facilitators to ensure effective training.
  • Informal review sessions are extremely useful to recap previously learnt material and are used extensively to asses comprehension and mastery of new material.
  • Training sessions consist of a efficient mix of lecturing, interaction, demonstrations and practicals where students complete step-by-step and unaided workshops.
  • Classes are small and perfect for interaction.

Currently 12 courses presented at SIMTEQ are accredited through SAIMECH with SIMTEQ for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points.

When asking our clients why they would recommend training at SIMTEQ , they had this to say:

"I am more and more empowered by what I am learning all this time, it is really amazing." - Nzita Lelo, University of Pretoria

"Good balance between theory and application. Workshops are clearly defined and easy to follow."

"The course is very informative and relevant to our work field."

"Course was well structured and all training modules explained into detail. Real scenarios were used to illustrate some of the simulations done."

Students reviewing training material during a NAS120 course

Students reviewing training material during a NAS120 course at the ESTEQ training facility

The live up-to-date training calendar at SIMTEQ Engineering is published here.

SIMTEQ Engineering also creates suplimentary online tutorials and these can be found here.

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