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Sinda is a network-based thermal solver. It is used for space-thermal (i.e satellite) as well as aerospace and electronics industries.


Marc is the main nonlinear solver from MSC. It specializes in the most complex nonlinear analysis types and can perform structural, thermal, magnetic, electrical and acoustic simulations. It allows automated re-meshing for models where the mesh distorts too much. It can also perform fracture mechanics and use re-meshing to model the crack propagation process.


Easy5 is used to model and simulate systems and can be used to model control systems for them. The libraries allows simulation of systems that contains hydraulics, pneumatics, HVAC, Electrical systems and multi-phase flow.


scFLOW is a capable and highly-parallelizable CFD package for Aerodynamic models. It is especially good at modelling moving geometry, whether as rigid bodies or coupled to FEA models. scSTREAM uses a structured cartesian mesh for faster solving on specific types of models.


CivilFEM is a user-interface designed for Civil-, Structural- and Geotechnical-Engineering applications. It uses the Marc solver in the background, but talks the language of Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering codes of practice.

MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran is an industry standard FEA solver in Aerospace and Automotive markets. It is a general Finite Element Analysis (FEA) code that can perform structural, acoustic and thermal analyses. It can perform linear and nonlinear analysis, but it is exceptional for large model linear static, normal modes and classical dynamic analysis (i.e. the Modal […]

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