SIMTEQ Engineering and CAMASA join forces

SIMTEQ Engineering is the local business partner of Hexagon|MSC Software for sub-Saharan region. Previously known as MSC-Africa, the company was established in 1995 with a strong focus on simulation technology and engineering services. MSC-Africa was also the first company to bring Nastran (now known as MSC Nastran) to the shores of South Africa. Today the company is driven by the same passion for the technology and excellence, 25+ years later. The company has a very strong presence in the aerospace sector and has contributed to most aero and space related projects, developments and manufactured products in South Africa.
Since the acquisition of MSC Software by Hexagon in 2017, their Manufacturing Intelligence (HMI) combines the largest portfolio of simulation, metrology and production solutions worldwide. MSC Software today form part of HMI’s Design & Engineering group, emphasizing its technical superiority to contribute to Hexagon’s focus on smart factories, sustainable development and greener futures. Both MSC Software and Hexagon has deep roots in the aerospace industry.
MSC Software is one of the original 10 software companies and is the pioneer of structural analysis simulation with their flagship solver MSC Nastran. The founders Richard MacNeal and Robert Schwendler utilized digital technology to solve mathematical equations for complex structural applications. The technology formed part of NASA’s efforts to compete in the space race and to successfully land on the moon in the 1960’s. MSC Software spearheaded the finite element analysis development ever since.

The primary idea behind the technology was to solve engineering problems with simulation technology and pioneers expanded their applications beyond the aerospace industry. They did, however, not stop with structural analysis and have developed and acquired several other Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies to meet the ever-growing requirements of engineers and manufacturers.

Today, MSC Software (Hexagon Design & Engineering) provides the aerospace industry with the most complete CAE solution available on the market. From conceptual design to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the premium company continues to re-invent itself to provide the industry players with the smartest solutions for engineering and manufacturing companies. The MSC One solution provides OEM’s and SME’s access to the full product portfolio with its flexible, cost-effective token-based system.
The ultimate objective for SIMTEQ Engineering and Hexagon|MSC Software are to leverage all of these technologies and expertise to help businesses to thrive. Whether a product is designed or manufactured, the state-of-the-art solutions can be utilized in each stage of the process to increase certainty and to deliver quality. The technologies don’t only focus on better products, but also insure reduced long term costs, material wastages and scrap, while ensuring businesses keep up with the digitization trends of Industry 4.0. With the eye on the future, Hexagon|MSC Software and SIMTEQ Engineering strive to assist local engineers, manufacturers and members of CAMASA to stay competitive in ever-changing times to build a better and sustainable world, now and tomorrow.
SIMTEQ Engineering therefore opted to give fellow CAMASA members a 40% discount on all SIMTEQ Training courses to share our knowledge and product potential to the industry. Temporary license options of the technology are also available to fellow members to trial and test the technology in real-life, pragmatic environments.
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