Simufact Additive - Cost Estimation

Published 2020-04-23

In the light of Hexagon’s future vision of Smarter Factories, cost effectiveness is the biggest driver for manufacturers. With growing competition, limited resources and environmental awareness, businesses are challenged to maintain and increase healthy revenues and reduce risk. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence plays a key part to help manufacturers to achieve this with its MSC Software and Simufact.

Simufact Additive is a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation tool to help the manufacturer predict the outcome of a specified additive manufacturing process. The software allows the user to identify distortions, cracks and warpages. It will also calculate the distorted geometry for the part to be manufactured to match the original, designed part. The virtual test happens outside of the machine, eliminating the need for experimenting and enables a stable production line. The process allows the manufacturer to minimize material wastage and maximize operation time – saving costs and reducing risk.

Simufact, however, has gone one step further with its CAE solution to bring the virtual world closer to the real world. Cost Estimation for additive manufacturing is an innovative, powerful tool included in the newly released Simufact Additive 2020. Costs can now be estimated for single or multiple parts for several printing strategies enabling the user to compare, analyze and reduce costs.

Material or powder costs, together with operating costs of the machine are required by the user as an input. Simufact produces a report for the user to help with the decision-making process. Different currencies can also be selected and converted for strategic and business decisions.

The Cost Estimation tool increases the ability of manufacturers to set up budgets, forecasts and quotes more accurately. It allows businesses to bring a monetary value to its resources and to manage it effectively. It is only one of many CAE solutions to increase profitability and sustainable growth of both large and small businesses in the industries of engineering and manufacturing.

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