MSC Combined Documentation 2016

Published 2016-07-18

The MSC Combined documentation 2016 allows you to have the documentation of all of your MSC Software packages, released up to 2016, all in one PDF document. The advantages of having a central documentation system include:

  • A single, and smaller, download.
  • A single installation.
  • One PDF containing all of your MSC products documentation
  • And most important of all, a search functionality that combines results for all of the included MSC products.

The 2016 release of the MSC Combined documentation include the documentation for the following MSC products:

  • Adams 2015.1
  • Actran 16.1
  • Dytran 2016
  • EASY5 2015.0.2
  • Marc 2015
  • MSC Nastran 2016
  • Patran 2016
  • MSC Sinda 2016
  • SimXpert 2016

Here are a few guidelines to using the MSC Combined documentation 2016:

Downloading the installation files

You can download the installation files from the MSC Solutions download center which you can access from the MSC Software website. The link can be found under the support tab, by going to Technical support programs and offerings - Solutions download center.

Since the combined documentation contains the full documentation of all of the above mentioned software packages, it is no longer required to download and install each of the individual documentations.

For more information on downloading software from the MSC download center, visit the instructions on Using the MSC Solutions Download center.

Figure 1: Accessing the MSC Solutions Download Centre

Figure 1: Accessing the MSC Solutions Download Center

Opening and using the Combined Documentation

After downloading the installation files, you can install the documentation by following the on screen steps.

To open the documentation, simply look for the desktop icon shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Documentation desktop shortcut

Figure 2: Documentation desktop shortcut

This will open a PDF document that contains an index of your MSC software documentation. You can now navigate through the documentation using the buttons shown in figure 3;

  1. Click on the program icon or name for which you want to open the documentation index.
  2. Click on Master Library to go back to the main page.
  3. Select the appropriate document within the program documentation index.
  4. Return to the program documentation index page.
  5. Use the built in search function.
Figure 3: Using the combined documentation

Figure 3: Using the combined documentation

Using the built in search function

To search within the documentation, you can click the search icon shown as point 5 in Figure 3. This will open a new window which you can use to search though the documentation.

  • To search within the entire documentation for all software, select "In the index named..." .
  • Enter the text that you would like to search for into the search box.
  • Click on search.
  • You can now select the relevant topic to be directed to that section of the documentation.
Figure 4: Using the built in search function

Figure 4: Using the built in search function

This easy to use documentation will help save you time when looking for information on certain features of your MSC Software product. With the combined search function, you can get instant help with understanding how to use a tool in the correct way.

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