Initialising with Previous Results

Published 2013-06-12


Is there a method to create a new analysis deck/job but having specified results from a previous job (same .db) as initial conditions? (Every load in the new job is then applied on top of these.)

I'm using Patran 2012.1 with Dytran 2012.1.0.


There are a couple of ways to use previous results sets in a new analysis. These methods are however only applicable in certain circumstances and need to be used carefully. The methods are as follows:

  • For Euler analyses, the EULINIT card can be used to map results from previous analyses to a new Euler mesh (see Dytran 2012 Example Problem Manual pg. 290 - Using Euler Archive Import in Blast Wave Analyses).
  • For a Lagrangian pre-stress initialisation the SOLINIT card is applicable. (see chapter 8 of the Dytran 2012 User’s Guide and the Dytran 2012 Example Problem Manual pg. 321 - Prestressed Concrete Beam).
  • An analyses can be restarted from any point in time for which a restart file (.RST) has been written out. There are a very limited number of changes that can be performed to a model when restarted, so this is really only useful for restarts and should not be thought of as a method of pre-stressing (see chapter 9 of the Dytran 2012 User’s Guide for more information)
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