Importing Loads From Adams/Vi-Rail into Patran

Published 2015-01-22

This tutorial provides the steps for importing load cases from Adams or Vi-Rail into Patran.

See Extracting loads for FEA from Multi Body Dynamics (MBD) Software for steps on how to obtain and export such loads.

Importing Load Cases into Patran

In Patran, with a model of the part from which the flexible body for Adams or Vi-Rail was created, follow these steps:

Importing load cases exproted from Adams/Vi-Rail into Patran

Importing load cases exproted from Adams/Vi-Rail into Patran

  1. The attachment nodes in the ADAMS/VI Rail flexible body and the Patran model must have the same ID numbers in order for the loads to be applied to the correct nodes. To ensure this, use the Patran model (or a copy) from which the flexible body was created.
  2. Select “Analysis” and set action to “read Input File”
  3. Add a new job name and open “Entity Selection”.
  4. Under “Entity Packets”, Select only “Load Sets” and “Subcases” and click “OK”
  5. Select “Select Input File” and navigate to the file, created by ADAMS, location.
  6. In “File name” type *.* and press enter to show all file types.
  7. Select the file containing the load cases and press “OK”.
  8. Click on apply to import the loads and load cases.
  9. After the import has completed, a window will open containing a summary of what was imported. Click “OK” after the import details have been verified.
  10. Now your model will include all the loads at the attachment points for each of the time steps as separate load cases.

See Topology Optimization using Patran for steps how to use these various load cases in the design of a part.

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