Easy5 Getting started

Getting started with Easy5

Other software that is required before installing Easy5

Fortran Compiler

Easy5 requires Intel Visual Fortran Compiler

Download and install the standalone version of the compiler from:


Select the link that matches your operating system and whether you want to do the installation online or offline.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Download the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio community edition from:


While installing the installer will ask you to download extras, make sure you download the “Desktop Development with C++” package.

Installing a license server for your easy5 license

To use the license file that you have for your easy5 software, you are going to need to setup a license server from which Easy5 can read its license. Follow this tutorial:


Installing Adams for use of the Adams extension model in Easy5

If you plan on using the Adams Extension model in Easy5 you should have Adams installed on your machine before installing Easy5.

Setting up the environment variable for the license

Press the Windows key, then type in “Edit the system environment variables” and select it. Then click “Environment Variables”. Then click “New…”. Under variable name put “MSC_LICENSE_FILE” and under Variable value put the license server address. In the example it is “27500@HostComputerName”.

Installing Easy5

1. Run the easy5 installation executable
2. Insert your username and company name
3. Select “Full” for your Setup type and select the installation destination folder
4. Next you just need to confirm the installation
5. After the installation completes it will ask you to select a Fortran compiler, select the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler
6. Next you need to select your preferred working folder
7. Next you can enter the address of your license server for Easy5. If setup the environment variable, you can just leave the field blank.
8. Next, if you installed Adam 2021, Easy5 will detect it and ask you to install the Adams interface. Select your version of Adams and click “Next”.
9. Next the compiler will ask if you want to enable UNC support for all command shells. Select yes.
10. This completes the setup of Easy5
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