Cloud computing with Rescale

Rescale is cloud computing simplified 

Need more RAM, need more Cores, need more Storage? No problem. Every job can be different. 
Need a stronger GPU for your Modelling or Post-Processing? No Problem.
You can chose between uploading input files to your solver, or working on a remote desktop.
After you login, this is the first screen you'll see and where you can decide whether or not to upload your input deck directly to your Solver of choice, or start a new remote desktop session:



Select or create a new Job
Select or create a new Desktop
Pick a ready made installation or install your software as usual and continue as normal.
More Hardware Configurations and Costs*
General Purpose
High Interconnect
High Memory
High Clock-speed
High Disk
*The screenshots of hardware and prices are correct as of 23/09/2020 but may have changed since.
Contact us to help you sign up and get started with free Credit to test the system with your own jobs when you use us as a reference. 
To use your own license, you'll just need a VPN setup - Contact us to help you with it.


Q: How does Rescale's hardware compare to Amazon, Google etc.?
A: Rescale is actually a central hub for you to use the best prices and hardware on the AWS (Amazon), GCP (Google), OCI (Oracle) and Microsoft Azure platforms. All you have to do is pick the hardware and price point above that is right for you and Rescale distributes your job securely to the relevant cloud computing provider. You esentially have one account, with access to all Cloud computing service probiders at your finger tips.
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Don't ever risk your career by using cracked software!

I only used it for my studies, I only wanted to evaluate the software, I didn't use if for commercial purposes, I only installed it, but never used it... Unfortunately, no reason holds up in court for the possession of stolen goods.

The full commercial purchase price of the software (for everything you had access to, whether or not it was even used!) 

Students (under- or post-graduate) also has no recourse since they can get access to free legal student versions, or the full commercial versions through their respective universities.
If you wish to evaluate any software or module that you do not have access to, please contact us, we will gladly arrange for evaluation licenses, even emergency licenses. 

There is just no reason to access illegal software.
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