Chassis Analysis Question

Published 2013-06-12


I am currently trying to analyse the chassis in different scenarios. I am having difficulty as the simulation runs normally but when attaching results, a message saying incorrect results attached or results not found. I have imported the line sketch(part file from Autodesk Inventor) and the assigned a tube and then beam property. A curve mesh was used and the method of equivalence to merge overlapping nodes. I have run the simulation many times and keep getting the same message.


The clue as to what goes wrong will be in the .F06 file. Open it (the one with the same name as your analysis job name) using NotePad and search for the word FATAL.

There will be two or three lines describing the problem that you can post back here.

If you find the following there "Excessive Pivot Ratios", you can look at an older post in this forum with those terms in the topic.

If you understand the problem but still can't find the source, run a normal modes analysis and animate all the modes one after the other. One of them should at least then give you a clue as to what is loose.

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