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Couplers as gears in Adams View

The saying goes: “There are many ways to skin a cat”. However, this sounds a bit cruel, so lets change the saying to: “There are many ways to represent gears in Adams View”. This article will show you just a couple of ways to model gears in Adams View, from using to couplings for a […]

Simulation Based Design - A Step-By-Step Guide
Simulation Based Design - Lecture 4
Simulation Based Design
Simulation Based Design - Lecture 3

Some Motivation, Why We Are Engineers: Basic Actions of Problem Solving: Understanding the problem Simulation can be very useful to help understand what factors are important. Generate possible solutions to the problem The solutions that the designer can come up with is very dependent on the designer experience and knowledge. Evaluate solutions Simulation can provide […]

Simulation Based Design - Lecture 2

  Engineering Design Problem: When we design we would like to: Improve product or process quality Reduce life cycle costs Reduce development lead times This can happen during the initial design phase or sometime during the products life. The design process starts by generating ideas - the functional performance of these ideas have to be verified. There are two […]

Simulation Based Design - Lecture 1
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