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Virtual Test Drive

VTD is a product that is used to simulate the environment for autonomous vehicle design. A virtual world is built and used in the simulations, and the response of the different sensors is determined for use by the autonomous driver control.


VI Rail is used to simulate railway vehicles to determine features such as vehicle stability, derailment characteristics and track loading.


CT quality inspection software VGSTUDIO MAX gives users the ability to keep the quality of their products high by giving them full insight into their products, from design to production.


Sinda is a network-based thermal solver. It is used for space-thermal (i.e satellite) as well as aerospace and electronics industries.

Simufact Additive

Simufact Additive  is a process simulation solution to manufacture metal 3D printed parts within quality  standards the first time. Simufact eliminates unproductive, trial-and-error, development efforts by accurately predicting process results such as distortions, cracks and costs for Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) Binder Jetting (BJ) processes.

MSC Apex Generative Design

MSC Apex Generative Design uses smart algorithms with built in manufacturing constraints to create optimized structures in seconds and minutes based on user design criteria.


SimManager is a Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) system that focus on meeting the needs specific to the simulation community.


Patran is a generic Pre- and Post-Processor mostly used for Nastran, but supporting additional products from MSC and other FEA suppliers.


MSC One is a flexible license type that allows using almost all the software in the MSC Stable without having a separate license for each. It is the most cost-effective solution when more than a single piece of software is required to run.

MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran is an industry standard FEA solver in Aerospace and Automotive markets. It is a general Finite Element Analysis (FEA) code that can perform structural, acoustic and thermal analyses. It can perform linear and nonlinear analysis, but it is exceptional for large model linear static, normal modes and classical dynamic analysis (i.e. the Modal […]

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