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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for CAE
Topology Optimization Using Patran

See Doing Topology Optimization right for the introduction into this section. In preparation for topology optimization, using load cases exported from Adams or Vi-Rail (see Extracting loads for FEA from Multi Body Dynamics (MBD) Software), the model should have no constraints defined.For this reason, an “Inertia relief” setting is added to enable a static analysis on the […]

Doing Topology Optimization Right
Numerical Optimization of Structures – An Introduction
Design by Volume, Mass and Load

"Topology Optimization" is the formal term for the technology that allows you to say to the computer: "Take this chunk of material, with all these different loads and take all the unnecessary material away". Have you ever wondered how car manufacturers manage, with every new car model, to make the cars lighter and yet stronger? […]

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