Virtual Test Drive

Building Virtual Worlds In Which To Test Your Autonomous Vehicles

VTD - The Complete Tool for Evaluating Your Autonomous Vehicles

Vires VTD (Virtual Test Drive) will allow you to generate 3D environments, animate participants and determine how your autonomous vehicle will perceive these participants and environments.

You can create your interactive world using the Road Network Editor (ROD). You will be able to design road and rail networks, complete with multiple lanes, intersections as well as any signs that are applicable. If you do not wish to design your virtual world from scratch, ROD has a selection of existing database tiles to assist you in compiling your world.

Dynamic content within your artificial world is defined using the interactive scenario editor. By utilizing the large library of vehicles and pedestrians, as well as the underlying OpenDRIVE database you will be able to define the logic and behavior of the participants in your world with relative ease.

VTD allows for extensive customization with SDK's available on demand and templates available for sensor simulation.

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