Material Center

Manage Material Models, Data and Processes with Full Traceability

Material Lifecycle Management Solution

MaterialCenter is a Materials Lifecycle Management solution that connects the material specialists to mechanical simulations. It manages material data and processes for enterprise-scalable systems. The solution has the integration framework that enables accurate transmission of material data to simulation and the auto-capture of results for comparison, confidence and certification. MaterialCenter captures data from integrated processes to ensure full traceability across organizations and throughout the product lifecycle.
Commercial databanks are made available on-demand to engineers while the product also integrates closely with other CAE and CAD products (inside and outside the MSC Software solutions portfolio). The platform is also the core database in the development of various complex materials such as alloys, elastomers, plastics, composites and many more. It is the interface for all material related activities, developments and processes ensuring that engineers utilize a consistent source of approved materials derived from traceable integrated processes. The solution improves simulation reliability and systematic workflow while reducing the risk of data losses and non-standardized practices.
Furthermore, the solution is especially powerful with large amounts of data generated by virtual simulations (with the help of MSC Software’s Digimat) and physical test required to validate results. MaterialCenter keeps track of all the development histories and activities.

Materials are the core of various engineering and manufacturing organizations. MaterialCentre has been developed with world’s largest OEM’s across multiple industries to reduce time and costs involved in material management and development. It is a key tool to accelerate innovation and increase productivity and efficiency.
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