Digimat is a powerful platform to perform both micro- and macro-scale analyses of materials, predicting their performance and calculating their mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for metals, non-metals and composites.

Multi-scale Material, Process and Structure Modeling Platform

Digimat is used to obtain material properties for existing composites and can be used together with FEA codes to perform microscopic-material simulation on large structures. Various materials such as composite materials (including the thermoplastic and thermoset polymers) and elastomers can be effectively modelled with Digimat. It can also be utilized to manage material data and design composite materials. It also provides a non-metal additive manufacturing solution to predict and prevent manufacturing errors.

Digimat offers optimized solutions to close the gap between the manufacturing process, material design and structural FEA. Non-linear strain-rate dependent material performance of composite materials are used as outputs of the manufacturing simulation, fiber orientations, residual stresses weld lines and void densities.

With the multiple modules included in Digimat, product development becomes predictive, enabling engineers and manufacturers to optimize micro and macro structure designs with more certainty and sustainability.

Additive Manufacturing Solution for Non-metal - Print Right the First Time

Digimat provides manufacturers, material suppliers and end-users with a powerful tool to simulate the additive manufacturing process of plastics and composites. Digimat offers a complete simulation platform for additive manufacturing. Material engineering, process simulation and structural analysis are all included in the technology. Both Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) are included in the 3D printing solution of Digimat. The solution enable users to reduce development costs and material while releasing the full potential of additive manufacturing.
Digimat consist of multiple modules to cover all the material development requirements.
Digimat-MF is used for fast and accurate predictions of non-linear behavior of multi-phase materials using Mean-Field homogenization technology.
Digimat-HC is an efficient and user-friendly solutions tool to design honeycomb sandwich panels.
Digimat-RP is a simulation environment dedicated to integration of Digimat material model inside a FEA model for short fiber reinforced plastic components and systems simulation.
Digimat-CAE interfaces with process and FEA solutions to accurately predict composite materials and reinforced plastic parts performance using non-linear multi-scale modeling approaches.
Digimat-MX is used for the preparation, storage, retrieval and secure exchange of Digimat material models between material suppliers, users and third parties.
Digimat-MAP is an efficient tool to map scalar and tensorial data between dissimilar shell and solid FE meshes.
Digimat FE is used to accurately predict the local and global non-linear behavior of of multi-phase materials with the help of FEA of realistic Representative Volume Element (RVE).
Digimat-VA is an integrated solution for the computation of virtual allowables for materials.

Digimat AM is a simulation solution for the additive manufacturing processes of polymers and non-metal materials.


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