Multibody Dynamics that Sets the Standard

Multibody Dynamics Solver with Pre- and Post-Processing

Adams is a powerful tool is intended to study the dynamics, forces and stresses of moving parts. With it you can see how your mechanical system will move and get to see what the forces are in your components, allowing you to build better prototypes and predict problems earlier.

Adams is a range of modules that can assist you with mechanisms as simple as a pendulum to vehicle dynamics and tracked vehicles, the possibilities are nearly endless.
The following sections provide an overview of some of the modules for Adams.
Adams View
Adams View is the foundation of the Adams range of modules. With it you can build, solve and post-process a variety of mechanical systems. Everything from simple latches to aircraft landing gear.

It truly is the work horse of Adams and will allow you to let your imagination come to life with the mechanisms that you can build and analyse.
  • Simple Latch Model
  • Simple Latch Model - Markers Visible
  • Landing Gear Model
  • Landing Gear Model - With Markers
Adams Machinery

Adams Machinery is a powerful plug-in for Adams View that allows the user to evaluate complex mechanical drive systems that can include any or all of the following components:

  • Gears
  • Belts
  • Chains
  • Bearings
  • Cables
  • Electric Motors
  • Cams

For more information on these various components please visit MSC Software's Adams Machinery page.

Hand Drill with Adams Machinery Gears
Hand drill with Adams Machinery Gears
Flexible Bodies in Adams

With Adams you are not restricted to modelling only rigid body mechanisms. Now Adams allows you to incorporate flexible bodies in order to improve the accuracy of your model. 

These parts can be modeled as flexible parts using Adams Flex, where you can import the modal results from your preferred FEA package. Or you can transform your rigid part inside Adams to a flexible part using ViewFlex, without the need for an external FEA package.

For beam-like structures the FE Part module allows you to create non-linear flexible bodies that allows for geometric non-linearity and large deformations.

MaxFlex is a module that allows for both geometric and material non-linearity in Adams. 

For more information on Flexible Bodies in Adams please visit the MSC Software's Flexible Multibody Systems page.

  • Excavator Boom
  • Lower Control Arm
Adams Car

Adams Car builds upon Adams View as a vertical plug-in that allows you to quickly and easily build vehicle subsystems and complete vehicles. these can then be evaluated as they would in a laboratory or on the road.

Whether you are interested in the layout of a steering system, the effectiveness of a modification on a suspension design or even if you want to design a vehicle from the ground up Adams Car is the package that will assist you.

For more information on Adams Car, please visit MSC Software's Adams Car page.

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