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It may feel as if January was only a month ago, but believe it or not, December is only a month away. So, while you are recovering from the shock of that revelation browse through our newsletter that is packed with important news for you:

  • MSC Software is now officially Hexagon,
  • The DTIC offers special financial assistance,
  • A new product, Elements, is being introduced,
  • We’re hosting a special MSC Apex technology day,
  • The RAPDASA conference is around the corner,
  • The product of the month is Romax,
  • We’re highlighting what’s new in 5 product releases,
  • Don’t miss the list of webinars and the 2-for-1 special on the next FEA101 course,
  • And lastly, book your 2023 training before the price increases take effect next year.

Whether it’s a cliché by now or not, the only constant in life is change.

If you went to the page lately, you might have thought you landed on the wrong page, but alas, MSC Software is now officially Hexagon. We share a few tips on how to navigate the new site and where to find the most important ones which could otherwise be difficult to find.

The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition provides grants or financial assistance to companies that require support for expansion, R&D and other developments. Read more about it and contact us to bring you in contact with the right person to send a brief of your project to, to apply.

Hexagon is launching a new product, Elements, powered by Maplesoft. Register for the webinar or contact us to learn more about what makes this product unique and how it fits into the Hexagon portfolio of products.

The upcoming tech day and workshop on MSC Apex will host 3 international speakers and one local along with our own team. The event will cover how international companies are using MSC Apex, an introduction of Nastran Modules, using MSC Apex for non-linear solutions, DFC software and two hands-on workshops in the afternoon. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the industry experts.

SIMTEQ will be exhibiting at the 2022 RAPDASA conference in Somerset West where we will also have a special demonstration of an integrated project using Adams, EASY5 and MSC Apex GD which you can look forward to.

Gearbox design, validation and analysis of vibration, fatigue and noise are but some of the specialist abilities that Romax puts in the hands of any engineer. Read more about Romax in our product of the month section.

With Hexagon’s quarterly release cycle of products, it’s tough to keep up with what’s new in every release of all the simulation products and we’ve summarised the important highlights for you in the What’s New section for the 2022.3 releases of Adams, Adams Tracked Vehicle, Marc, MSC Apex and MSC Apex GD.

Our last in-person training course for 2022 is the FEA101 which covers the critical fundamentals (and pitfalls) of Finite Element Analysis and as an early Christmas present, we offer the course to two people from the same company for the price of one. Please use the promotion code TWO4One to register.

Unfortunately, 2023 will bring with it a significant increase in training course prices, however, if you book your training during 2022 still, you will only pay the current course prices. Please contact us to book the courses you are interested in before the price increases will apply.

All the best for the end-of-year rush and I hope to see you soon at one of the events before this year comes to an end.

Managing Director

The new is here!

With MSC Software joining the Hexagon family a few changes have taken place. Some of these changes are awesome, like the pace at which new product releases are occurring. Some are noticeable, but not critical, like the Hexagon logo becoming more prominent everywhere. Then there are the necessary, but let’s face it, bothersome changes, such as the MSC Software website merging with Hexagon. Suddenly, all your bookmarked links are not taking you to where you want to go anymore but let us help you to remedy that.

Here are some links that will take you to their new landing pages:

Investment support available from DTIC

The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition provides grants/financial assistance to companies that require support within the following areas of their business cycle (pending meeting the qualifying criteria);

  • New or expansion of manufacturing facility (machinery, equipment, buildings)
  • Research and Development
  • Supply chain development at company or sector level
  • Feasibility studies
  • Critical Infrastructure support ie. testing equipment, infrastructure critical to manufacturing, etc
  • Support costs related to internship programmes
  • Export Marketing incentives  (missions, pavilions, individual exhibitions, primary market research-Investment related)
  • Improving BEE score
  • IDC loan funding

DTIC also provides support regarding non-financial issues ie. Trade policy, location of plant, etc. 

Contact us to put you in contact with the direct contact at the DTIC to email your project brief or set up a meeting to discuss the requirements of the investment plan.

Upcoming Events

Romax Enduro

With mechanical or electro-mechanical drivetrains, a core requirement is structural integrity. Romax Enduro gives you the ability to analyse your drivetrain system with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
Incorporating CAE-led processes that are easy to learn and efficient to solve turnaround times from concept to result is inconceivable for any tool that is not Romax Enduro. Couple this with parametric component-level modelling, easy-to-use gear design (with the ability to add per tooth gear defects), optimisation tools, and a bearing catalogue with info from a range of suppliers, modelling your drivetrain cannot be simpler.

Once your drivetrain is modelled, you have access to parallelised static analysis of your drivetrain that gives you access to your results faster than a coffee break and with batch running capability you can solve multiple scenarios overnight.

After a quick coffee or a good night’s rest, you will have access to detailed gear and spline contact results, load case and duty cycle durability reports and gear root stresses. The durability analysis can be done according to DIN, ISO or AGMA standards and gear safety factors, bearing life and shaft fatigue to name but a few outputs.
Romax Enduro truly is an easy-to-use structural and durability analysis tool that will surely benefit you if you ever want to design or optimise your mechanical or electro-mechanical drivetrain.

Wintergatan’s Marble Machine

What do you get if take a healthy dollop of musician and mix in a cup of engineering? Simple, you get Martin Molin the Swedish musician and member of the group Wintergatan. Martin designed and built the original Marble Machine over a period of more than two years and the result, as you can see for yourself in the video, is an absolute mechanical marvel.

Following the success of the Marble Machine, Martin decided to create a follow-up machine dubbed Marble Machine X. This is still an ongoing process and you can follow Martin’s trials and tribulations with its design on his YouTube channels: and

Martin’s official website,, has various options to support him, but also various free / pay-as-much-as-you-like downloads with everything from his music to the current CAD files for MMX (Marble Machine X).

Adams 2022.3

Adams 2022.3 is now available at the Software Download Center.

The Adams 2022.3 release provides enhancements, including additional specific event improvements, a new flexbody reduction approach, and improved mechatronics capabilities.


Automate the suspension setup to achieve desired ride height 


Ability to significantly reduce the size of a Flexbody to deliver improved graphics visualization performance 


Streamlined import of FMU to create a Mechatronics Control System with a minimum of button clicks


Ability to open the source model of an FMU created in Hexagon Elements or Easy5 from within Adams

Click here to learn about What’s New in Adams 2022.3.

Adams Tracked Vehicle 2022.3

Adams Tracked Vehicle 2022.3 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Click here to learn about What’s New in Adams Tracked Vehicle 2022.3.

Marc 2022.3

Marc 2022.3 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Marc 2022.3 Improves the thermal-mechanical Shape Memory Alloy material model for stent applications


Marc 2022.3

Previous Marc Releases

Normalized Wall Time



Marc 2022.3 Introduces the Turon cohesive material model for mixed-mode delamination in composites

Marc 2022.3 Improves the ease of use of Tables

Marc 2022.3 Adds convergence graphs for thermal analyses

Marc 2022.3 Enhances the Abaqus translator

Bugs fixed in this release:

Please see the complete issue list here:

Please see for product updates, documentation, and downloads.

Click here to learn about What’s New in Marc 2022.3.

MSC Apex 2022.3

MSC Apex 2022.3 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Some main highlights of this release include:

  • Pyramid Element Support
    • In this first phase of a multi-phase effort, users can now import, visualize, and export pyramid elements in their models.
  • Tetrahedral Meshing Enhancements
    • Thickness and proximity sensitive tetrahedral meshing is now available, allowing for the user to specify the minimum number of mesh layers in thin areas, resulting in better mesh quality when the geometry being meshed has holes close to the edge or thin sections. 
  • Geometric Plane Creation
    • Users can now create a plane at any arbitrary location and orientation, useful for when a reference plane needs to be created or when users need to create/modify their geometry.  
  • Filler Surface Creation Curves 
    • When using curves to create a filler surface, users now have the option to retain these curves for further use, preventing any redundant work and increasing efficiency. 
  • Reference Coordinate Systems
    • Reference coordinate systems are now supported on parts and MNF bodies, allowing users to change the orientation of their FEM without having to recreate or duplicate work. 
  • MSC Nastran Modules Support
    • In this first phase of a multi-phase effort, MSC Nastran modules can now be visualized and post-processed in MSC Apex. 
  • 3D Bolt Enhancements
    • The functionality has now been extended for the 3D bolt element in MSC Apex, allowing users to create multiple bolts from mesh bodies, target bolts in post processing visualization, and more. 
  • SOL 400 Flexible Contact Bodies 
    • MSC Apex 2022.3 has extended the MSC Nastran SOL 400 contact capabilities by adding the ability to define the contact bodies manually.
  • Additional MSC Nastran Element Support 
    • Import and display options are now available for many commonly used MSC Nastran elements including CBEAM3, CBEND, CQUAD, CTRIAX, and many more. 
  • Enhanced Face Selection
    • For MSC Apex users who customize and automate using Python, there is a new property/method on the existing ElementFaceCollection that returns the element faces in a nested dictionary, partitioned by MeshBody and ElementTopology. 

Click here to learn about What’s New in MSC Apex 2022.3.

MSC Apex Generative Design 2022.3

MSC Apex Generative Design 2022.3 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Design Rules Phase 1 - Support Reduction 

The Support Reduction Design Rule is now available as a Scenario Setting in the Studies Tab and can be activated for any optimisation. 

Soft Symmetry

Soft Symmetry is activated per default. With this soft constraint symmetrical design candidates can be generated even when the optimisation is not set up as a symmetry optimisation and the boundary conditions aren’t symmetrical. The influence of this soft constraint can be adjusted in the Advanced User Settings.

Rest API 

Rest API integration laying the foundation for a more flexible software and solver setup in combination with other tools in future.

Click here to learn about What’s New in MSC Apex Generative Design 2022.3.

SIMTEQ Engineering Tech-Day
MSC Apex Tech-Day & Workshop
25 November 2022
08:30 - 16:30

MSC Apex Tech-Day & Workshop

More Information
MSC Software Webinars
Multi-physics system simulation and integration: introducing Elements
29 November 2022
16:00 - 17:00

Multi-physics system simulation and integration: introducing Elements

More Information & Registration
Moldex3D Webinars
A Hands-on Guide to Moldex3D iSLM
2 November 2022
11:00 - 12:00

A Hands-on Guide to Moldex3D iSLM

More Information & Registration
Understanding Foaming Simulation using Chemical Blowing Agent (CBA)
9 November 2022
21:30 - 22:30

Understanding Foaming Simulation using Chemical Blowing Agent (CBA)

More Information & Registration
Advancing Cooling Design with Conformal Cooling
16 November 2022
11:00 - 12:00

Advancing Cooling Design with Conformal Cooling

More Information & Registration
Gaining CAE Insights in Your CAD Software with SYNC
30 November 2022
11:00 - 12:00

Gaining CAE Insights in Your CAD Software with SYNC

More Information & Registration
Optimizing Injecting Molding Cycle Time Using Simulation
30 November 2022
21:30 - 22:30

Optimizing Injecting Molding Cycle Time Using Simulation

More Information & Registration

FEA101 - Finite Element Analysis Fundamentals

Software Package: MSC Apex

Price: R 16 625.00/p excl VAT (A 25% discount applies if attendance is online)

Date:28 November - 2 December 2022

Duration: 5 Days

CPD Accredited: Yes

More Information
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