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Welcome to this edition of our newsletter, where we take you on a journey beyond our planet, into the realm of digital manufacturing and showcase the beauty of engineering.

AI has taken the world by storm and the simulation world was no exception. With every casual conversation now featuring ChatGPT and what our future holds, make sure not to miss next month's newsletter when we will feature Odyssee AI and Odyssee CAE. The world as we knew it, is a distant memory.

We are excited to announce that Nexus from Hexagon was launched last night and we are looking forward to seeing this whole new approach to Design, Engineering and Manufacturing taking shape over the next few months. Read all about Nexus this month in our News section. As part of the launch, three new products were announced and next month we will include more detail about Materials Enrich, an AI-assisted materials database that gives data a whole new meaning.

In local news, we feature Dragonfly Aerospace, a local satellite designer and manufacturer. We apologise in advance for keeping this story to ourselves for more than a month but in our defence, last month's newsletter was already loaded. Read more about their first satellite launched into space by SpaceX last December.

In our art of engineering segment, we explore the engineering marvel of the wandering hour clock mechanism. I don't know about you, but it is surely on my ToDo list to make one for our home.

The list of new product releases (continued from last month) includes no less than 7 MSC One products. Follow the links to read what is new in these releases.

The tip of the month is how to create high-resolution photo-realistic renderings from FEA results and share it with others with a free viewer.

Finally, don't miss out on the in-person training opportunities and webinars for this month which you will find in the Tips & Training segment.

With so much happening, aren't you glad that we did all the leg work for you?

Join us on this journey of discovery and inspiration

Managing Director

CONTINUED: Inspiring news from local Manufacturers

Starting 2023 with a bang, SIMTEQ Engineering commends our aerospace clients featured in various news sources over the festive season thanks to their hard work and achievements. Both Dragonfly Aerospace and Paramount Aerospace Industries proved that local South African engineers and manufacturing companies still have what it takes to be globally relevant and respectfully competitive.

Going miles up (literally, in space), we are very proud to have Dragonfly Aerospace’s first-built satellite in space. Manufactured in South Africa, the satellite was shipped to the U.S. at the end of 2022 and launched into orbit by SpaceX (founded by another South African). Intense work was done by the Dragonfly team to deliver on the deadline. The satellite will provide valuable information on agricultural knowledge to improve sustainability. Dragonfly will deliver more equipment to space in the next 3 years.

We are proud of all of you for keeping the South African flag high and producing world-class products locally. Get in touch with us if you have any inspiring stories on engineering, simulation and manufacturing!

Introducing Nexus from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

The wait is over. Nexus has finally been launched since its announcement at Hexagon Live 2022 in Las Vegas. Nexus is an open digital reality platform for engineers and manufacturers that connects people, technologies and data to accelerate innovation and bring ideas to life, faster than ever before.

Nexus combines technologies from both Hexagon and its partners to develop cutting-edge solutions that enable secure data sharing and connectivity among teams. By linking the products you regularly use, you can establish integrated workflows. The robust Nexus engine facilitates the creation of novel apps and workflows, spanning from product design to production and quality control. With real-time collaboration and data visualization capabilities, you can work seamlessly across teams and disciplines. Furthermore, leveraging advanced analytics and AI technology can unlock new insights.

Nexus empowers you with the freedom to innovate.

5 Key facts you should know about Nexus starting now:

  • Nexus can be accessed free of charge for your entire Hexagon product range
  • Nexus is an online, web-based open platform
  • Nexus support 3rd party software
  • Nexus is for Design & Engineering, Production and Metrology operations
  • Nexus will launch new apps regularly, accelerating workflows with the help of the ecosystem of key partners, industry-leading products and you, the customer.

Bridge the gap between digitalization and autonomy with Nexus.

Stay tuned for more information. Sign up at

Sign up

Introducing Nexus – the future of manufacturing is open

When it comes to digital reality solutions, Hexagon is the global leader, combining software, sensor and autonomous technologies. By using Hexagon’s solutions, customers can take advantage of the ever-growing amounts of data, which can enhance efficiency, productivity, quality and safety in a variety of industries.

To align their simulation, sensing, manufacturing and autonomous solutions, Hexagon officially introduced Nexus. Nexus facilitates digital engineering, manufacturing collaboration and innovation. The open platform securely connects people, technology and necessary data to expedite the process of bringing ideas efficiently to life. The portal will provide access to Hexagon and partner products, training and support.

The freedom to innovate

The focus of Nexus is to provide engineers and manufacturers with freedom, breaking down silos and barriers that lower the level of innovation and creative thinking. Users are empowered to use the technology of their choice in the way that best suits their needs. Customized workflows can be created to solve unique problems. Hexagon is deeply involved in the innovation that shapes the world and through their extensive domain expertise, they are building the ground-breaking Nexus platform for innovation on an unprecedented scale.

Real-time collaboration for the real-world

In today's dynamic world, advanced innovation can be a game-changer for businesses. To do so, one approach is to bring together individuals with diverse expertise and empower them. Nexus offers a solution that enables teams to harness the power of data-driven insights by creating a digital thread that connects data from multiple sources. This information alignment allows for real-time collaboration across the entire product lifecycle, from design and engineering to production and quality. By utilizing Nexus, teams can stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving world of manufacturing. The agile nature of the platform aligns with the need for flexible and adaptive working methods in today's business landscape.

Facing today’s ever-changing business challenges, it's crucial to have an open platform that can adapt to any manufacturing business’s needs. Nexus is designed to reimagine operations by providing agility, instantaneous feedback loops, cross-discipline collaboration and optimized processes. With a scalable platform, one can adopt new features at the desired pace, depending on digital maturity. Hexagon believes in the importance of the system of engagement, which prioritizes real-time interactions over historical data storage. With Nexus, Hexagon is committed to making it easier for manufacturers to establish connections, collaborate with different teams and optimize their processes. Achieve goals by reimagining operations wherever you are.

Convert digital threads into digital excellence

In the highly competitive business environment, digital transformation is critical for amplifying productivity. Nexus is a platform that enables smart manufacturing for customers, offering a range of digital experiences. It brings together manufacturers, partners, integrators, and value-added solutions from Hexagon, to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

With Nexus, you can gain the freedom to innovate and improve your products and processes and adapt to the demands of a world that requires better products and more sustainable methods. By embracing the power of Nexus, engineers and manufacturers can drive digital transformation and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Teamwork makes dreamwork

Nexus is a platform for your entire organisation to connect on to streamline product development, production and business efficiency.

  • It provides ENGINEERS with the necessary support, documentation and training to utilise the industry’s most powerful capabilities, applications, tools and technologies. Centred around collaboration, it allows engineers to dynamically interact with peers during design and engineering operations.
  • It provides MANAGERS the tools and systems to manage efficiencies and performance. They are enabled to provide teams with the required knowledge and solutions to complete objectives for any product development or manufacturing challenge.
  • It also provides LEADERS the stimulus and incentive to transform operations and businesses for the future. Simpler licensing models and instant access to the latest solutions, together with improved processes will enable businesses to grow sustainably and competitively.

Nexus is a dynamic, online platform that will drive smart change for smarter futures. Access to the platform will be free of charge. Stay tuned for more information.

Improved Wandering Hour Clock

Not a lot of people are watch connoisseurs nowadays, firstly it is too expensive, with only the super-rich being able to take it up as a hobby and secondly with the rise of the Apple Watch and all its kin the ability to just tell time seems a bit lacking. However, as engineers we tend to appreciate beautiful mechanisms and the wandering hours clock mechanism is one of those mechanisms that are just mesmerising.

With this movement you don’t have the traditional hour and minute hands that show the time, you instead have a fixed minutes section and the hours sweep past it as time progresses. Hence the wandering hour name.

However to own one of these beauties you need quite a budget, starting from $1 000 for a model from Xeric, to more than $50 000 for this model from Audemars Piguet. But if you want the beauty of this mechanism for your home or office wall David Kingsman has created this Wandering Hour Clock design for home 3D printing and assembly.

All it requires is an existing clock to scavenge, some bearings and a 3D printer. What is even better is that you can see for yourself how the planetary gear system functions and how the Geneva drive mechanism switches the hours as they pass the stationary minutes. It is so simple and elegant that it seems too good to be true, but isn’t that just the hallmark of great engineering?

CAEfatigue 2022.3

CAEfatigue 2022.3 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Some main highlights of this release include:  

  • Robust Design for Stochastic Assessment of Input Variables – Significantly Improved
    • A new Stochastic Design Improvement (SDI) feature has been added to Robust Design to allow the user to define design variables that will be modified with the objective of reaching predefined targets for the output variables. When successful, SDI analysis gives the User a new set of design input nominal values that will produce a “most likely to occur” output result(s) that satisfies the design targets.
    • Robust Design has also been improved to allow the use of an input file from MSC Nastran™, MSC Nastran™ NEF or CAEfatigue (txt file).
  • Job Queueing now permitted
    • Users can now start several jobs at the same time and CAEfatigue will “pause” the execution of the jobs in sequence until licenses become available.
  • Additional Features added including
    • Ability to create crossover file for Material ID specification.
    • Use of additional equivalent stress methods.
    • Ability to do AUTO multiaxial assessment
    • Ability to use multiple Ansys RST files in a multiple PSD analysis.
    • Ability to add element / node / line markers within the Fringe Plotter.
    • Ability to use Nastran SETs within Cf Control File.
    • Addition of statistical information for CPU and Memory usage added to LOG file.

Click here to learn about What’s New in CAEfatigue 2022.3.

Cradle CFD 2023

Cradle CFD 2023 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Click here to learn about What’s New in Cradle CFD 2023.

Some of the highlights of this release include: 


  • Utilization of the fluid properties database of REFPROP 
  • Enhancement of Voxel Fitting meshing approach 
  • Enhanced Boundary Layer Element Insertion 
  • Enhancement of Overset mesh analysis 
  • Battery Modelling using Equivalent Circuit Model (RC-Model) 
  • Detailed chemical reaction analysis using LOGEacs  
  • Enhancement of Aerodynamic Sound Analysis 


  • Import of PCB data, including electrical connection information 
  • Enhancement of MARS Method  
    • Enhancement of Diffusion Analysis  
    • Enhancement of Boiling and Condensation  
    • Enhancement of Solidification and Melting  
    • Enhancement of Foaming-Flow 
  • Topology Optimization for Turbulent Fluid Flow 


  • Timeline Window Introduction 
  • Loading 3D Reduced Order Model (ROM) 
  • Improved support for Adams simulations 
  • Synchronize photorealistic backgrounds with the model while moving view window 
  • Visualisation of Adams flexbodies (MNF files) 
  • Visual mockups for Adams Model parts 

 Reduce Order Modelling using Machine Learning using Cradle CFD 

  • Using scMonitor & scPOST 

To load 3D-ROM files introduced in Cradle CFD 2023 refer to Simcompanion

Further,  the Cradle license system is deprecated and will no longer be functional from Cradle CFD version 2023.1, scheduled for release in Q2 of 2023 (the release date may be subject to change).  

Innovate Portal 2021.1

We would like to inform everyone that a minor release update for Learning Center bug fixes is now available for download. The version is Innovate Portal 2021.1.

Some users had reported that they were unable to launch The Learning Center App though they have valid license and tokens for launching it. Also, some users reported that the application closes abruptly without any warning. Both these issues are fixed and included in this release. You need to uninstall the older version and install the new version to see this impact.

Suggested Action:

If you have faced similar issues while using Learning Center from InnovatePortal 2021, please uninstall the current product and re-install the fresh download Innovate Portal 2021.1.

Innovate Portal 2021.1 is now available on the Software Download Center.

MSC Apex Generative Design 2022.4

MSC Apex Generative Design 2022.4 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Here are the key highlights: 

Nexus Connection

Nexus is an open platform that enhances smart manufacturing collaboration by connecting people, technologies and data, accelerating innovation and time to market. MSC Apex Generative Design is now capable of connecting to Nexus and its cloud-based data management. It is part of the Additive Manufacturing Collection within Nexus which enables to get from the design to a manufacturing ready part in one connected workflow and with the option of multiple engineers working on the same project with the identical data enabled by Nexus.

The Additive Manufacturing Collection provides all tools required for a stable AM design and manufacturing: From optimized part designs, validation and manufacturing process simulation for first time right production, to tools ensuring high-quality end parts. 

Principal Coordinate System

The introduction of a principal coordinate system allows the user to easily set up one coordinate system which will be used by material properties, symmetry option, build direction and support reduction. Of course, this new Principal Coordinate System can also be shared via Nexus for optimal print orientation etc.

Update to MSC Apex Generative Design 2022.4 and benefit from the new features that improve your daily work!

Click here to learn about What’s New in MSC Apex Generative Design 2022.4.

ODYSSEE 2023.1

ODYSSEE A-Eye 2023.1 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Some main highlights of this release include:

  • Added a new prediction script named SVM (Support Vector Machine) dedicated to classification problems.
  • Curves viewer enhancements to integrate new functionalities like hide/display curves, recenter the curves, export curves displayed.
  • Improvements to the report document: added more information coming from the database, updated the layout, added option to display or not the matrix of features. 
  • Enhancements of the “Export database” proposing a default path in the directory of the project.

Addition of predicted curves on the displayed graph. The scale is adapted when a curve is hidden or displayed. A unique "Export" button is added to export only the curves visible in the viewer.

Click here to learn about What’s New in ODYSSEE A-Eye 2023.1.

ODYSSEE CAE 2023.1 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Some main highlights of this release include:

  • Update of the generate range tab in 3-Sensitivity, allowing changes to the min / max range of the parameter to vary. This gives a shorter corridor to test.
  • Replacement of the old SVM algorithm (Support Vector Machine) Classification option in 4-Interpolation by the last algorithm released. The hyperparameters asked in the dialog box have been updated for this. 
  • Added information in the xml file of the FMU exported from ODYSSEE CAE, to integrate the ODYSSEE CAE version and the generation date. Other corrections on the FMU have been made (see the full release note).

In the Generate Range tab, it is now possible to modify the min/max range of the parameter to be varied, to obtain a smaller corridor (see the picture).

Click here to learn about What’s New in ODYSSEE CAE 2023.1.

ODYSSEE Solver 2023.1 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Some main highlights of this release include:

  • ODYSSEE Solver is available for Redhat enterprise Linux 7.9
  • A Quasar-Python wrapper has been developed to use the QuasarExternal functions in Python code.
  • A new solver is available in Quasar, named SVM (Support Vector Machine) option classification dedicated to classification problems using hyperplanes to separate data.

The SVM function identifies the classes and positions of the new data to be sorted in the right class. The “margin” is the distance between the separation border of classes (hyperplane) and the nearest points of classes (Support Vectors). The support vectors are chosen to maximize perpendicularly the margin.

Click here to learn about What’s New in ODYSSEE Solver 2023.1.

Simufact Additive 2022.1

Simufact Additive 2022.1 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Click here to learn about What’s New in Simufact Additive 2022.1.

Look forward to the new highlights of Simufact Additive 2022.1, which include:

  • Export to EOS Machines* – In addition to the long-term existing export functionality to Renishaw machines in Simufact Additive, it is now also possible to export to EOS machines. Our users are now able to do the print job preparation and export the data directly to EOS machines. We are constantly working to expand the connection point to further machines.
  • Deactivation of parts – The more parts that are considered in a simulation, the longer the simulation takes. Sometimes you do not need a simulation of all parts. The new functionality ‘deactivation of parts’ offers the possibility to simulate selected parts that are critical during printing and to ignore the remaining parts in the simulation. Users can herewith save a massive amount of computing time.
  • Parent/children  structure for parts and its instances – In Simufact Additive 2022, we introduced nesting functionality for the first time, which we have improved in the latest version to increase usability. In the previous version, the user had to modify each individual part after nesting, which was very time-consuming. From now on the user can assign all nested parts to a representative one. All underlying parts adopt the same changes as the representative part. This allows a group of several identical parts to be changed at once, including the orientation of the part and the supports created. Our users benefit from saving lot of manual work time.
  • Packing density in 2D nesting – A further improvement for the nesting function. In the latest version, a new identifier has been implemented. The user easily indicates the packing density of the nesting and   optimises his nesting.
  • Further improvements are
    • Import of AM processes from other Simufact Additive projects
    • Improvement of the overall UI, including the orientation assistant, the machine dialogue and adding new / replacing old symbols.
    • Numerous improvements to the solver that make the simulation more efficient and stable overall.
    • New Simufact Additive Software Logo
  • Nexus Connectivity**

Upgrade to Simufact Additive 2022.1 and benefit from the new features that improve your daily work!

Simufact Forming 2022.1

Simufact Forming 2022.1 is now available at the Software Download Center.

Click here to learn about What’s New in Simufact Forming 2022.1.

We are pleased to inform you about the new software release Simufact Forming 2022.1, that is now available in the MSC Solution Download Center (SDC).

Look forward to the new highlights which include:

  • New Die Life Simulation – Thanks to this new feature our users are enabled to increase or predict their tool life. This offers great potential to increase profitability, predict tool changes or rework to reliably. The required part quality is guaranteed.
    • Why is this new function so important for bulk metal forming? Die life is most important in bulk metal forming, both economically and technologically. From an economic point of view, the tools cause both direct costs for tool procurement, production and reworking. Indirect costs occur due to the expenditure on set-up times and on the associated machine downtimes. From a technological point of view, the aim is to achieve a long tool life to  guarantee for the required product quality. It is also important to achieve the required or the highest possible number of pieces for a high level of reliability in the manufacturing process.
  • Completion of the implementation of the Parallelisation of Finite-Volume (FV) – In Simufact Forming 2022 we introduced the newly implemented parallelisation technique for FV simulation concerning the FV solver types “First Order” and “Accelerated”. In Simufact Forming 2022.1, we have now completed the implementation of the parallelisation technique for all available FV solver types, including the "Higher Order" solver. Our users now speed up the FV simulations by up to 6 times. Use the new parallelisation technique for your FV simulations with a high number of elements. You benefit from accurate results without losing time.
  • Improvements in damage-based mesh separation – In the previous version, we focused on introducing damage-based mesh separation for brittle or higher strength materials. In Simufact Forming 2022.1, we have improved this new feature for high ductility materials. Thanks to the damage-based mesh separation, the cut surface is now smoother, the direction of propagation is more consistent, and the robustness of the simulation is significantly increased.
  • New Simufact Forming Icon & Modernisation of the GUI – Look forward to our new Simufact Forming Icon and benefit from our modernised Software GUI to make your process simulation easy and intuitive.

Upgrade to Simufact Forming 2022.1: Benefit from the new die life simulation and our new features that improve your daily work!

SIMTEQ Engineering Webinar
Contact and Everything That you Need to Know About it
7 October 2022
11:30 - 12:30

Contact and Everything
That you Need to Know About it

MSC Software Webinars

Cradle CFD Webinar Series

Unleashing Productivity with smart CFD software
Unleashing Productivity with smart CFD software

Unleashing Productivity with smart CFD software

More Information & Registration

Name: Going the extra mile: Multiphysics and co-simulations with Hexagon

Date and Time: 4 October 2022 10:00-11:00


Name: Get CFD results in real-time and leverage it to systems of system analysis by using Machine Learning Technics

Date and Time: 11 October 2022 10:00-11:00


Name: Using AR to increase immersive knowledge

Date and Time: 18 October 2022 10:00-11:00


Create Shareable FEA result files for the free Cradle Viewer

In this step-by-step video, you'll learn how to create a shareable FEA results file that can be viewed and interacted with by others using Cradle's free viewer. We'll start by walking you through the process of importing your FEA results and preparing them for sharing using Cradle's Post Processor. You'll learn how to add annotations, adjust settings, and navigate through your results to get the most out of this powerful tool. By the end of this video, you'll be able to create professional-grade FEA results files that can be easily shared with colleagues and clients, making collaboration and communication a breeze.
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Moldex3D Webinars
Best Practice: Getting the Most out of Moldex3D
Mar 01, 2023
11:00 AM

Best Practice: Getting the Most out of Moldex3D

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Gaining Insights to the Black Box of Material Properties
Mar 29, 2023
10:00 AM

Gaining Insights to the Black Box of Material Properties

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Tackling Challenges in Composite Simulation
Apr 12, 2023
10:00 AM

Tackling Challenges in Composite Simulation

More Information & Registration

FEA101 - Finite Element Analysis Fundamentals (5 Days)

Software Package: MSC Apex

Price: R 18 300.00/p excl VAT (A 25% discount applies if attendance is online)

Date: 6 - 10 March 2023

Duration: 5 Days

CPD Accredited: Yes

More Information

ADM701 - Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams (6 Days)

Software Package: Adams

Price: R 21 960.00/p excl VAT (A 25% discount applies if attendance is online)

Date: 14 - 29 March 2023

Duration: 6 Days

CPD Accredited: Yes

More Information

MAR101 - Basic Nonlinear Analysis using Marc and Mentat (5 Days)

Software Package: Marc and Mentat

Price: R 18 300.00/p excl VAT (A 25% discount applies if attendance is online)

Date: 27 - 31 March 2023

Duration: 5 Days

CPD Accredited: Yes

More Information

STU701 - Structural Mechanics (2 Days)

Software Package: Software Independent

Price: R 7 320.00/p excl VAT (A 25% discount applies if attendance is online)

Date: 4 - 5 April 2023

Duration: 2 Days

CPD Accredited: Yes

More Information
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