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Fulltime marketing position - Jan 2021 filled

NB: Before you apply for the job: Be sure that your are the right person - read the requirements carefully. Everyone loses if the fit is not right.

SIMTEQ Engineering is opening a marketing position for someone with marketing experience or qualifications that can show that (s)he can contribute to sustain and grow the company throughout Sub-Sahara Africa. 
SIMTEQ Engineering functions like a sports team who only scores through teamwork. We need a team player on the field/court that can fullfull the position of maintaining and improving the following:
  • Ensure company has a premium, professional image.
  • Must be fluent in English and excellent with grammar and spelling.
  • Must be able to develop visual material for any electronic or print marketing media.
  • Be able to work independently without clear instructions (we need your help, not the other way round).
  • Must constantly learn and keep up with trends and technology.
  • Be creative and organised!
  • Be output driven and able to manage your time well.
  • Must be able to engage with corporate clients (new and existing) as well as suppliers' marketing and possibly technical specialists across the world.
  • Organizing, marketing and attendance management* of:
    • User Conferences
    • Tech Days
    • Exhibitions
    • Training courses

*Create invitations for distribution via email, web and social media platforms. Develop and maintain registrations pages, monitor reach and adapt marketing strategy to improve attendance. Create and distribute follow up communications to people who attended and those who did not.

  • Develop and manage event equipment (structures, banners, screens, brochures etc).
  • Edit and publish team created video material for publishing on our YouTube channel(s).
  • Monitor and improve marketing effort effectiveness (YouTube, LinkedIn, Website, emails etc.)
  • Ensure office and event stalls have a positive and inviting vibe.
  • Have good social skills.

The successful candidate will have flexible work hours and once a good working relationship has been established, may even work remotely from any location (s)he chooses. It's the output that counts, not the hours behind your desk. At SIMTEQ Engineering you will engage with customers and suppliers from all over the world. The experience you will gain working with customers will be vast and seeing the fruit of your labour as the company grows, priceless.

Technical requirements

NB: Please do NOT submit your details or CV if you can't prove that you have the skills you claim to have. Failing to pass this test will cause you to have a bad reputation in the market place and prevent you from any future considerations for any job positions. Be honest and true. 
You are required to:
  • be experienced using the Microsoft Windows Operating System, especially the use of file and folder structures.
  • have experience using Microsoft Office products like MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams etc.
  • have experience using WordPress, HTML and CSS.
  • be knowledgeable with the latest developments of and how you will improve a site's page rankings. 
  • have excellent English spelling and grammar skills and not rely on spelling and grammar checkers.
  • have experience creating raster and vector format images, videos and 3D animations.


You will have an advantage if you can: 

  • showcase your best work online with respect to your website and content creation and layout skills.
  • explain what is important w.r.t. layout, imagary, art decor, text, fonts etc. to have effective marketing material.
  • have experience using Oxygen ( or show that you quickly learnt something about it online.
  • have experience using ActiveCampaign ( or show that you quickly learnt something about it online.

To be invited for an interview

  • Email your short (max 2 pages excl attachments) CV in PDF format with your contact details and clear photograph of yourself on the front page (for identification purposes after the interview).
    • The content should be clear and easy to read (show your skills to communicate effectively). We are more interested in who you are and want to be than your past school activities or achievements.
    • List all relevant software that you are able to use and your level of proficiency.
    • List and provide links to websites you developed or helped to develop. Indicate your level of involvement.
    • Add authentic scans of your matric certificate showing your achieved marks per subject and any additional or after-school grades and certificates that are relevant to your application. 
    • Attach any examples of your own creative work, especially for each software product you listed as being an advanced user of.

Preparation for the interview (30min)

  • Dress code: Casual.
  • Who will interview you: The Managing Director and/or a Senior Engineer.
  • Be prepared to prove what you have to offer SIMTEQ.
  • Assess what SIMTEQ Engineering does by visiting
  • Have a good understanding of the what the products SIMTEQ Engineering sell are or can be used for by their customers. 
  • Be prepared to critisize SIMTEQ Engineering's online presence in all forms and explain how you could improve it.
  • Be prepared to spell and grammar check a printed (non-electronic) English document.
  • NB: Relax! We are normal people and don't bite. We just want to ensure that we will all work well as a team and take the company to the next level.

Sorry, this position has been filled

You should receive a confirmation email that your submission was received. Once received, you don't have to contact us to confirm. You can expect an answer w.r.t. whether or not you will be invited to an interview within 1 or 2 weeks. Don't stress, if we send you an email and you do not receive it (i.e. we realise that you do not respond), we will phone you.
Good luck
The SIMTEQ team.
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