Using CivilFEM to Complete the FEA Assignment

Published 2017-08-21

The video below is for completing this assignment: using CivilFEM.

If you do not have CivilFEM installed already, you can get access to it here and follow the instructions (remember to indicate that you are a student when registering).

Be sure to download the "CivilFEM with Marc" Student version. It includes everything you need to run the software (also a free license file).

NB: The install file is ±1GB in size, so insure you have ample data and time available if you do not have a fast connection with unlimited data.

NB: Please note that some common errors are made along the way and rectified later to show what the result of such errors are and how to correct them.

2 comments on “Using CivilFEM to Complete the FEA Assignment”

  1. Hi Paul
    I thought I would try out civilFEM but it seems that there is a problem with this video file as well. Any suggestions?

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